Your CEO Succession Playbook: Book Launch

We are excited to share the news that our book – Your CEO Succession Playbook.  How to pass the torch so everyone wins – has been completed and is now available for pre-orders on amazon!  >here<. 

Packed with inside stories from CEOs who have effectively groomed a successor or been groomed themselves, Your CEO Succession Playbook provides a roadmap for each step in the CEO succession process. With this road map, you will build trust, avoid politics, and gain confidence in your leadership pipeline.  You will pass the torch so everyone wins, including you!

Among dozens of tactics, and a suite of tools in this book you will get:

·       A six phase CEO succession roadmap

·       Clarity about where to start

·       A CEO success profile that you can use to benchmark candidates

·       A model for figuring out who has the potential to be the next CEO

·       Strategies for how to best develop future CEOs

·       Advice on how to minimize ego-plays and power struggles 

·       Communication samples and tips

·       Leadership insights that distinguish who you need to be as a leader to build trust

·       A framework for the departing CEO to start their next life chapter. 

·       Self-coaching questions so you can apply the content to your circumstances




Brian Conlin