The Waterfront Way

The Waterfront Way is our differentiation and it includes:

Our High Commitment to Our Clients:

  • We take on a limited number of engagements to provide high touch, personalized service.  
  • We recognize that our firm's legacy is not only achieved through the quality of our work, but also through every interaction and relationship.  
  • We focus on making a difference in the life of our clients by supporting them through critical moments in all phases of their C-suite career, and we are deeply committed to confidentiality, and delivering value.

Our Unique Approach to C-Suite Coaching:

  • When developing customized solutions for each client we draw on:
    • our decades of experience coaching hundreds of executives;
    • our personal experience in all aspects of the CEO journey; 
    • and our experience leading multiple CEO peer learning and networking events for top caliber CEOs.   
  • Our depth of experience, ability, and team-based approach enables us to respond flexibly to the needs of each client.

What We Believe:

  • At Waterfront Partners we stand behind integrity.
  • We are committed to continual learning and growth.
  • We believe in the power of team, and building collaborative networks and relationships.
  • We strive to make conscious choices in everything we do, and we encourage our clients to do the same.  
  • And, we recognize that our drive, and relationships pave the way for our fulfillment and success.