CEO Succession Coaching & Advisory Services

We coach CEOs and Boards to develop a credible CEO succession process that will stand up to Board scrutiny, and ensure all stakeholders win. With our coaching, advisory services, and propreitary toolkit your CEO succession process will be:

  • Objective - We offer a credible process to increase stakeholder confidence.
  • Minimize Politics - We will coach you to anticipate and minimize ego plays and politics that often arise as candidates vie for key roles.
  • Identify Potential Successors - We will share methods for identifying candidates including best in class leadership assessment options and tools for identifying who has CEO and C-suite potential.
  • Build Trust and Relationships - We will offer you strategies and sample communication so you communicate in a way that builds trust and builds relationships.
  • Established Toolkit - We will offer a suite of well established CEO succession tools and coach you to implement them effectively..
  • Culturally Appropriate - We will help you to adapt best practice methods to best fit your organizational needs and culture.