Be a Better Coach

More than 1000 Coaching Questions For You

An amazing question can transform a life, a team, or a company. If you’re seeking to improve yourself, coach high-potential talent, boost the value of a team meeting, or energize a strategy session, you simply need to ask the right question. And now there’s a resource to help you do exactly that.

After a decade of executive coaching, Natalie Michael has handpicked, developed, and tested more than 1,000 of the most powerful coaching questions, which she shares in The Duck and the Butterfly. Inside, you’ll discover queries to help you lead your life, lead others, lead organizations, and create a positive difference in the world. Throughout the book, you’ll also find ducks (tips on how to be a better listener) and butterflies (tips on how to deliver questions in a transformative way).

This book is more than just coaching questions.

It’s a tool kit for changing lives for the better.