The Duck and the Butterfly on Author Hour

I recently had the pleasure of joining Charlie Hoehn on his podcast Author Hour, to discuss my book The Duck and the Butterfly: Coaching Questions for Leaders at Work. During the episode, I share some of my favourite and most powerful questions to help you lead your life, lead others, lead organizations and create a positive difference in the world. To listen click here.

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Brian Conlin
Book Launch in Wine Country

Had a wonderful evening at a book launch event sponsored by Valley First Financial in Kelowna.  The event was held at Valley First's new downtown office at the Innovation Center (cool offices with very modern features).  Valley First is an impressive organization led by impressive people.  
Thanks Joy Playford of Mackay CEO Forums for helping to organize and co-sponsor the event.
And the wine..... was local of course....  isn't it wonderful to be in a city where there are hundreds of wineries making some of the best drop in Canada!

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Brian Conlin
Your Ultimate Speech

Marc Stoiber is expert at creating speeches for busy executives.  We used him recently to help prepare a presentation on CEO Succession - stories and lessons learned .  Marc was excellent to work with and identifies opportunities to improve communication and presentation structure extremely quickly.  
We recommend you check out , work with Marc and see for yourself. 

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Brian Conlin
Listen to the podcast!

A special thank you to Nancy Mackay, CEO of Mackay CEO Forums for this podcast opportunity.

Tune it to learn more about:

- What is CEO Succession?  

- Why do most companies not have a CEO succession plan in place?

- What are the critical success factors for CEO succession?

- What is an example of a success story?  A horror story we can all learn from?

- What does it take to get started?

Download the podcast here:

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Your CEO Succession Playbook - Thank you for attending the book launch

A special thank you to the clients, CEOs, friends, and family who attended the official book launch for our newly published book, Your CEO Succession Playbook:  How to Pass the Torch so Everyone Wins.  It was heart warming to see the support for this project in the business community.  

The book addresses the human and political side of CEO succession.  It helps CEOS and Boards to identify the political pitfalls that often derail the process as candidates vie for positions, and it helps CEOs to understand that a successful transition is often more about who they are being as a leader more so than the tasks that they are doing.

The CEO stories and the tips and tools in this book will guide you through this process that can be fraught with expectation, politics and emotions.   

By providing self-coaching questions throughout the book will help CEOs to apply the concepts to their business, and overcome blindspots.

You will find it on amazon here:

And, you can receive a bundle of free CEO Succession Resources at  This includes an E-book of coaching questions for uncovering CEO potential.

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