The Multiplier Effect of a Team Approach

We work together on every coaching file so you get the benefit of the breadth and depth of our complimentary expertise.  

Brian Conlin brings 35 years of business experience and has held every position from entry level through to CEO of a large, complex organization.  As an executive coach Brian works with CEOs and other executives across Canada, who lead organizations of various sizes and industries.  He went through a successful CEO transition as the former CEO of Golder Associates in 2015, a professional services firm that grew during his leadership from a modest regional business to a global powerhouse with 162 offices around the world and over US$1 Billion in annual revenue.  Coaching clients benefit from his first hand experience sitting in the CEO seat, working with Boards and executive teams to achieve results, and his personal experience transitioning in and out of the CEO role.  He is also a graduate of the Institute of Corporate Directors and currently sits on a number of Boards allowing him to coach and advise from the perspective of a past CEO, Executive Coach, and Board Member.

Natalie Michael has 15 years experience as an Executive Coach, 4 years experience as a CEO Forum Chair, and ten years of award-winning consulting experience in the area of succession and leadership development.  She has coached hundreds of executives from Canada to Africa to New Zealand, consulted on succession transitions with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial start ups, and she is a peer mentor for CEO Forum Chairs with Mackay CEO Forums.   Clients benefit from her coaching and consulting experience across multiple industries, situations, and C-level clients and the depth of her experience advising on challenging people situations, organizational politics, and integrating succession planning with the broader leadership development and talent management priorities.