Design Your Next Chapter: A Program For C-Suite Leaders

Are you about to start a new life chapter and wondering what your future path might hold for you?

Perhaps you are approaching retirement, transitioning out of your company, just sold your business, or you are considering a fresh start due to a change in life circumstances.

Taught by Natalie Michael, Executive Coach, and Brian Conlin, Past CEO and Executive Coach, this weekend retreat will help you proactively define your next chapter.

Designed for CEOS and Top Executives, this is a two and a half day intensive weekend that will help you design a next chapter that is vibrant and fulfilling, but also flexible. Participants typically want work to be a compelling part of their life, but not necessarily as dominant a force as in the past.

Throughout the weekend you will complete a suite of exercises, tools, and workbooks that will help you come up with multiple fulfilling scenarios, and develop a strategy for prototyping new directions. Your peers in the program will help you develop high value ideas that are likely better than anything you could develop yourself.

Our next cohort begins June 2019.  Full details of the program are here

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